Learning Support
Curriculum is "what" is taught in our schools. It is based on the California State Standards for language arts, math, science, social science, physical education, and the arts. Language Arts includes reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The standards are taught using research-based instructional strategies and are presented to students in large groups, small groups, or on a tutorial basis. Instruction is "how" we teach the skills. Teachers use a variety of instructional strategies to motivate and bring children to mastery.
Guido Magliato
Assistant Superintendent, Learning Support
619-668-5700, ext. 6387
Elisa Holston-Arteaga 
Director, Learning Support
619-668-5700 ext. 6395
Maissha Stewart
Administrative Assistant
619-668-5700, ext. 6387
English Learner Services
Contact Elisa Holston-Arteaga
619-668-5700, ext. 6395

Ronda Wood
Coordinator, Extended School Services
619-668-5700, ext. 6401

Home Independent Study
Toni Parke, 668-8366
4811 Glen St., La Mesa 91941

Rita Schwartz, Supervising Director
619-668-5700, ext. 6480

Andrew Smith
Director, Special Education and Student Services
668-5700 X 6202

Jody Bondurant-Strong
Director, Student Support
668-5700 X 6306
Cara SerbanLawler 
Director, Technology and Learning Resources 
619-668-5700, ext. 6421