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    6th grade • Room 38
    Mathematics • Math Enrichment • Physical Education • Health & Wellness/Creative Writing Rotation
    School Phone     (619) 668-5750 x3138 
    Home Phone     (619) 444-9809
    (Please leave a message & number where you may be reached.) 
  • Please do not hesitate to contact me by phone or email with any questions you may have. 

Success is a journey, not a destination.

  • Welcome!

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  • Encouraging Productive Struggle & Helping with HOMEWORK

    Homework will be graded on:

    • Effort (productive struggle)

    • Clear communication of mathematical thinking (even if it did not yield a correct answer)

    • Organization/neatness.  

    Perfection is not the goal, so homework not be scored based on correctness.  I will give students opportunities to check & self-correct work because this feedback leads to learning and growth.  We especially want to encourage the use of the 8 Mathematical Practices (habits of mind for mathematicians).

    Standards for Mathematical Practice 

    Most homework is a review; however, many problems will be rigorous, and/or students may not recall some of the vocabulary or procedures. Please let our sixth grader work to make sense & persevere in solving them (Math Practice 1). Please, do NOT feel as though need to reteach any of this—productive struggle is an important part of the process.  LET STUDENTS STRUGGLE & ENCOURAGE QUESTIONS & TRYING.  Mistakes lead to great discussions, questions, and LOTS of learning. REMEMBER, the person doing the work and the talking is the one doing the learning! 

    Do help our sixth grader navigate beyond frustration and use his/her considerable resources.  Please encourage our SMARTER Agent to look back at the work done in class & any notes we took.  Encourage him/her to write down questions and to show (& celebrate) all work, especially false starts. 

    Do NOT strive to become a math tutor;  BECOME A MATH COACH!

    Ask questions to help get your child back on track:

    • Have you checked your mindset?  Remember, mistakes are how we learn & Ms. Hammes LOVES mistakes and great questions.

    • Do you have any notes or examples in your math journal or notebook?  

    • Could you check with a study buddy?

    • Is the definition in your math glossary?

    • Did you look at the HW problem HINT on Juno? 

    • Does Khan Academy have a tutorial/practice for that topic?

    • When can you see Ms. Hammes for coaching or tutoring?

    Remember, if an assignment seems insanely tough—chances are a crucial direction was missed (or perhaps it is a funky problem). Encourage our SMARTER Agent to do what he/she can and to write a good question about a problem that has him/her stuck.  And to be sure to listen, correct homework & classwork neatly & carefully, and to ASK QUESTIONS.

    Thanks for all your support!  I'd love feedback on which Khan Academy tutorials helped and which, not so much.

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    Welcome to Sixth Grade! 

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    Our interdisciplinary grade 6 team:
    • Ms. Stephanie Hammes
       Mathematics, Physical & Health Education, Math Enrichment,
       & Life Skills & Creative Writing Rotation
    • Ms. Jessica Locke
        Science/History, Physical & Health Education, 
        Grade 4 Enrichment, & Grade 4 VAPA & Design Rotation
    • Ms. Margaret Zarick
        ELA, Physical & Health Education, ELD Enrichment, 
         VAPA & Design Rotation
    • Ms. Rhonda Brown
        Spanish Rotations
    • Ms. Diane Kim
        Grade 5/6 Enrichment,
        Elementary Behavior & Academic Support
    • Ms. Rachel Lawson
        Elementary SAI Instruction & Support

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