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    Tina Sardina Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources 
    Ext. 6372
    Department Administrator
    C. Xavier Thomas Director, Classified Personnel Ext. 6483 Personnel Commission
    Andrea Rivera Human Resources Manager Ext. 6368 Department Manager
    Marla Locklar Executive Assistant I, Human Resources Ext. 6372 Maternity, Induction
    Glenn Encarnacion Human Resources Specialist              Ext. 6375   Certificated (Teaching), Credentials    
    Tina Cano Human Resources Specialist    Ext. 6412     Personnel Commission, Recruitment
    Ali Junker
    Human Resources Analyst
    Ext. 6376 Personnel Commission, Training & Development, Classification & Compensation
    Katie Kenley
    Human Resources Technician
    Ext. 6374 Classified (Non-Teaching) Hourly, Custodian of Records
    Viviana Oliveira
    Human Resources Technician
    Ext. 6225 Classified (Non-Teaching) Hourly, Custodian of Records
    Judy Alfaro Office Assistant II Ext. 6379 Onboarding
    Emma Puentes Supervisor, Payroll and Benefits Ext. 6381 Payroll/Benefits
    Rosa Bravo Payroll and Benefits Specialist Ext. 6367 Payroll/Benefits A-L, Workers' Compensation
    LaShonda Jones Payroll and Benefits Specialist Ext. 6382 Payroll/Benefits M-Z, Workers' Compensation
    Christine Hernandez Payroll and Benefits Technician          Ext. 6380 Timesheets, Benefits Enrollment
    Vicky Giblin Human Resources Specialist         Ext. 6377  Attendance/Subs, Risk Management, Leave Bank, Data Reporter
    Lynnette Lockwood Office Assistant II         Ext. 0 Receptionist, Wellness, Flyers