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Welcome Message

  • Welcome to Room 40!

    We will cover Language Arts and U.S. History in this class.

    The goal is to work, question, wonder, solve, grow, team, and learn with gusto!  

    This will help you grow into a productive citizen of the 21st century.


                                                                                                          Ready to Learn?!

Classroom Supply List

  • Supplies 

    ...also found on https://sites.google.com/view/richardslmaac/home

    Needed every day...

    • 1 or 2 inch three ring binder (to be shared with other classes) - with clear cover to hold daily schedule

    • 3 hole punched pocket folders (will be used as dividers) with a small amount of lined paper between each - this class needs 3 - Reading, Writing, History

    • composition book for Do it Write Daily (DWD) - will probably need three for the year

    • water - there is no sink in the classroom

    • an independent level chapter book

    • pencil bag/box to include:

      • 2 pencils sharpened (not mechanical)
      • hand held sharpener that holds the shavings
      • a pad of 2x2 Post-It notes
      • colored pencils (a box of 12 is fine)
      • an eraser


    Optional but appreciated...

    • thin iPad cover (please wait on this until I get which generation iPad your student is assigned)

    • ear buds


    NOT needed...

    • huge backpacks

    • larger 3 ring covered binders

    • crayons

    • fidget spinners

    • spiral notebooks - we'll use the paper in the binder in this class


    Do NOT bring...

    food into the classroom except for water


  • Teacher:  Jan Richards
    School:  La Mesa Arts Academy
    Grades:  5th
    Location: Room 40
    E-mail (preferred): jan.richards@lmsvschools.org