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Welcome to Early Start!  We have an exciting year ahead. We look forward to working with your children and sharing all the fun with you at parent events, and home visits. 


    1. How to make a Referral to the California Early Start Program
    To provide easier access to service, referrals can be made through a variety of agencies. Access to the Early Start system can be made  with one phone call by the parent to any of the following agencies: 
    La Mesa-Spring Valley
    Early Start Program
    (619) 668-5747
    San Diego Regional Center
    (858) 496-4318
    Exceptional Family Resource Center
    (800) 281-8252
    How to qualify for services
    The La Mesa-Spring Valley Early Start Program is available to children with special needs and their families' ages' birth to three years old who reside within the La Mesa-Spring Valley or Lemon Grove School Districts. To qualify for the program, children must: 
    1. have a developmental delay in either cognitive, communication, social or emotional, adaptive, or physical and motor development including vision and hearing and are under 24 months of age at the time of referral, with a 33% delay in one or more areas of development or are 24 months of age or older at the time of referral, with a 50% delay in one area of development or a 33% delay in two or more areas of development; or
    2. have an established risk condition of known etiology, with a high probability of resulting in delayed development.

    California Government Code: Section 95014(a)

    Please call today to see if your child will qualify for services.  
          Children are our most valuable resource. The investment we make in them today benefits all of California tomorrow. The implementation of Part C through California's Early Start Program ensures that infants and toddlers  with disabilities and their families receive coordinated services early enough to make a difference.   
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Teacher Contact Info

Marcia Frischknecht,
Ann Wallace,
Colleen Kevane, Lindsey Bertrand
School:  Rancho Elementary School
Grade(s): Early Start
Location: Room 16 & 20
Phone (619) 668-5747

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