• Spring Valley Academy is proud of its students and their accomplishments. Student appearance and dress should be a reflection of a serious learning environment. Appropriate dress and good grooming contribute to a positive atmosphere and promote student safety.  
    In accordance with the Calif. Education Code, Section 48907, and with the best interests of our students, school, and school- sponsored activities, and community in mind, the following dress code has been adopted. We appreciate your support and adherence to these guidelines.    

    ❑ Clothing must be worn as designed, not modified. It should be clean and in good repair.

    ❑ Clothing designed to be worn as undergarments may not be visible.

    ❑ Shirts and blouses with cut-outs or that leave the midriff bare are prohibited. All shirts must have sleeves.

    ❑ Shorts, skirts and any distressed pants must be mid-thigh length and pass the finger-tip test. Bicycle shorts and leggings must be worn with a top that covers mid-thigh and meets the fingertip test.

    ❑ Pants are to be worn at waist level and a belt is strongly recommended. Wallet or other similar chains are not allowed.

    ❑ Appropriate footwear must be worn at all times. Slippers, flip-flops and shower shoes/slides are not permitted. Height of shoes must be safe and appropriate for school.

    ❑ Clothing and/or jewelry with inappropriate language, pictures, inferences, or symbols judged by an administrator to be obscene; intended to mock, ridicule, provoke, demean; or displaying words or pictures associated with alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, or other drugs, or items associated with alcohol, tobacco, or other drug use, are not allowed.

    ❑ Make-up and hair style should be appropriate to age, and not bring undue attention to the individual. Hair should be of a natural color.

    ❑ For safety reasons, headgear including hoods, bandanas, hats, and sweatbands may not be worn at school. Hoodies may not be pulled up on a student’s head.   Headgear will be confiscated and released only to a parent. Appropriate hats may be worn in PE as protection from the sun or rain.

    ❑ Gang-related signs, insignias, colors, or distinctive modes of dress are not permitted.

    If a student violates the dress code, parent/guardian may be notified. Student will be required to change the attire; alternative clothing may be provided. Loaner clothing must be laundered and returned the following day. Student will be placed on the Loss of Privilege list until the borrowed clean clothing is returned.

    Promotional Dress
    Promotion is an opportunity for students to dress up. The basic consideration for student's dress should be neatness and appropriateness, and all dress code rules apply. The purchase of new clothes is not necessary. Formal gowns, tuxedos, spaghetti straps, and strapless dresses are not allowed. Limousines are not appropriate for middle school promotional ceremonies.