Being in ASB is an important job that requires a lot of time, effort, dedication and responsibility. It also is very rewarding, gives you great memories, opportunities to have fun, and gets you involved in the school and the decisions that affect every student. ASB officers are in charge of the school activities for the entire year.

    This is a year-long elective class. You will have an opportunity to make a difference and influence school policies and activities.  During the course of the year, you will see first hand how student government works. You will be part of a democratic team and experience how decisions are made and implemented.  

    ASB Members must satisfy the following requirements in order to be a member of the ASB Class:

    • Have and maintain at least a 2.0 academic GPA throughout the school year.

    • Be ready to commit the time and energy required (both inside and outside the  school day) into making SVA the best school possible.

    • Be a role model in citizenship.  Referrals and/or suspensions of any nature may constitute removal from the ASB program. Citizenship grades should not fall below an “S.”


    Commissioners (BOLD) and Committees

    Publicity                                             Appreciation                                    Media



    Spirit                                                   Sales                                                   Dance