• Coming to register a new student?

    Here’s what you need to bring with you to speed up the process.

    1.      Current immunization records

    2.     Birth Certificate

    3.     Recent report card/test scores

    4.     IEP (if applicable)

    5.     Documents for Residency Verification (2 are required)

    a.      Parent/guardian’s valid California Drivers License

    b.     Parent/guardian’s Department of Motor Vehicles Personal Identification Card

    c.      Deed to a home or closing escrow papers

    d.     Copy of receipt of current San Diego county property tax bill

    e.     Rental agreement including registered owner and renter’s signatures

    f.       Copies of current month’s bills or installation receipts for gas, electric, cable TV, water/sewer, trash and/or telephone

    g.     Receipt from moving company for moving household goods or receipt showing delivery of newly purchased major appliance or furniture

    h.     Military housing orders

    i.        Paystub with address

    j.       Voter registration

    k.     Correspondence from a government agency


    School Handbook:

    The school handbook contains important information for parents and students. You may download a copy using the following links: