The ESS program is open during the school year to students who are enrolled in the La Mesa-Spring Valley School District and EAK, TK through eighth grade. Students from other school districts/areas may attend during break times. 
    If you are delayed past 6:00 pm, a late fee will be charged. Late Pick-Up Fee Schedule will be posted at your school site. This late pick-up fee will be used to help pay staff who must remain after their regular working hours to supervise your child. See the Parent Handbook for more information.

    Parents must sign their children in and out daily. Children may leave the program only with the persons specified on the registration form.  Expect staff to ask for proper identification until they become familiar with those authorized to pick up your child. Please update emergency contact information regularly so staff can always contact the appropriate persons immediately in case of an emergency.  
    We require that parents walk their children in where staff are located. Please make sure that staff acknowledges your child's presence before leaving the program site.
    If your child is not feeling well, please do not send him/her to ESS. Students who have been ill must be well, and fever free, for 24 hours before returning to ESS or school. If your child becomes ill or suspected to be contagious, you will be notified to pick him/her up promptly. If your child was sent home from school ill or did not attend school for the day, they may not attend ESS. It is very important that you keep us updated on changes in work, home, cell, and emergency phone numbers.

    ESS will administer medication (prescription or non-prescription) to students only if an "Authorization for Administration of Medication" form has been completed by a physician and parent. All medication must be in the original container.