• 6/26/15  Happy Summer!
    I am so proud of the work the students accomplished this year.  One of the things I should have mentioned at the promotion is the median student in math class scored over a 90%! The middle student scoring advanced is a testament to your support of the student learning, and I thank you.
    As many as 30 students voluntarily took math "summer homework" in an effort to ready themselves for the challenges that lie ahead in 7th grade.  I promised to assist them through e-mail this summer if they have questions regarding a problem.    neal.shannon@lmsvsd.net    also the Khan academy on you tube is a great and visual resource. What follows is the answer key to the prescriptive/diagnostic test they have.  The goal is to find where the students' learning gaps are, and then work to fill only their gaps.
    1   C
    2   F
    3   C
    4   J
    5   A
    6   G
    7   D
    8   G
    9   A
    10  H
    11  A
    12  J
    13  A
    14   H
    15   D
    16   F
    17   D
    18   F
    19   C
    20   H
    21   A
    22   F
    23   C
    24   H
    25   A
    26   H
    27   A
    28   G
    29   C
    30   F
    31   D
    32   H
    33   B
    34   J
    35   D
    36   J
    37   A
    38   H
    39   B
    40   J
    41   D
    42   J
    43   B
    44   G
    45   B
    46   G
    47   A
    48   G
    49   C
    50   J
    51   D
    52   J
    53   B  
    54   H
    55   B
    56   H
    57   C
    58   J
    59   A
    60   H
    61   A
    62   G
    63   A
    64   H
    65   B
  • Rolando Elementary

    Math and Science

    Neal Shannon

    Room 20


    Welcome to what will be an enjoyable and rewarding 2014 – 2015 school year.  The following contact information will be an important resource for you to use throughout the entire academic year.  Do not hesitate to contact me for questions regarding your student’s progress.

    PHONE: 619- 668 – 5800 x2520

    Email neal.shannon@lmsvschools.org




    This year we will cover Number Systems, Ratio and Proportion, Geometry, Expressions and Equations, as well as Statistics and Probability.




    20%Weekly Quizzes

    10% Math Journals

    50% Chapter Tests

    10% Common Core Challenges



    Nightly homework is assigned Monday through Thursday.  The class will start the practice workbooks in class; the rest is to be completed independently. Expect to see your student spending 15 to 20 minutes on these evening's assignments.  If they say they have done their work already… ask to see the page of work!  The practice work should be done in pencil, and graded in pen.



    10 representative questions are taken from the week’s assignments.  These have been demonstrated on the board, reviewed, and practiced.  These 10 questions become the Quiz.  No surprises.  Regularly, there will be a “bonus question” to challenge the students, These BQs are optional and extra credit.


    Math Journals

    The journals are an attempt to get the students ready for the challenge of the Common Core and Smart Balance testing that has taken the place of the CST.  Students will be required to not only come up with the answer, but also explain how they arrived with it, and defend it from other possible outcomes.  They won't be able to just choose "C" anymore. Additionally, students will be given weekly challenges solved in small groups and graded on rubric of 1 to 5 and will appear in the Journal category.



    The Chapter Tests are challenging.  These demonstrate the knowledge of week's worth of skills.  I believe that the tests need to be an integral part of learning, and therefore, I allow students to retake their test, correcting their errors, all for credit with your signature, showing you have reviewed the material with your student. Just like in bowling, students have two chances to knock them all down.


    Common Core Challenges

    A component of the Common Core is productive student struggle.  This year I will be trying to mildly frustrate your students with challenging problems to solve. They will be working together in groups to solve the challenges.  These will be assessed on a five-point rubric.  A 5 is outstanding and 1 demonstrating little or no brain activity.







    This year the students will be exploring Earth Science.  The study will include earth’s resources of rocks and minerals, fossils, plate tectonics, earthquakes, volcanoes, as well as a study of our atmosphere, oceans and weather.  I believe in exploration in science and Lab Work is an important aspect of the class. Their studies will also include fieldwork.



    30%Lab Work

    30%Assignments (the packet)



    Lab Work

    The lab reports are written up in a scientific method the students will continue to use thorough high school.  Based on a 10-point scale, students receive a point for each of the following: Proper Heading, Title, Question, Hypothesis, Materials, Procedure, Data, Analysis, Conclusion and Error Analysis.  A professional quality look is important and neatness is valued.



    Approximately 80% of the science work is completed in class and you will not see nightly science work.  There is however, completion and improvements that can be made on most assignments at home.  Ask to see the Science Section of your student’s notebook.  The incomplete work should be evident.  The assignments are kept in the binder until the Packet is turned in with a designed cover page complete with a self-assessment. There will be anywhere from 10 to 20 assignments in a Packet. The running list of assignments and due dates can be found on my website linked to the Rolando homepage.



    We cover the concepts of Earth Science during the course of our exploration. Then we review the concepts as well as sample test questions. This is usually through a fun activity just before the actual test.  And again, students are given the opportunity to retake the test and correct wrong answers for credit with your signature showing they have reviewed the material with you the parent.


    Physical Education


    My philosophy is borrowed from UCLA’s John Wooden, one of the most successful coaches ever to have taught players sportsmanship.  I daily base praise and recognition of players on the Wooden Pyramid of Competitive Greatness which emphasizes character traits such as Cooperation, Friendship, Initiative, Team Spirit, Self Control, Poise, Confidence, as well as Skill. 


    The students will play both team and individual sports.  Team captains are traded out regularly to give many students leadership opportunities.  Many times the players choose which teams on which they will work… Eliminating being chosen last.  Bottom Line: “Success is the peace of mind which is a direct result in knowing you made the effort to become the best of which you are capable.”



    Thank you in advance for your support.  I anticipate a great year filled with learning.  Continued contact with me will be a key component to the success of your student.


     Neal Shannon


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  • Teacher:     Mr. Neal Shannon
    School:        Rolando Elementary
    Grade(s):    6th - Math and Science 
    Location:    Room 20
    Phone:        (619) 668-5800 x2520
    Email:         neal.shannon@lmsvschools.org