Homework Guidelines

  • Homework is assigned to reinforce skills that have been taught in your child's classroom. We also want to build time management, organizational, and independent study skills. Homework is assigned based on individual student needs and readiness. Your child should receive assigned homework two hours per week for children in Kindergarten–3 rd grade, four hours for grades 4–6, and an average of six hours for grades 7–8. The times listed are District guidelines and will be adjusted by your child's teacher to meet his/her individual needs. 

    Parental Responsibilities Regarding Homework

    1. Establish education as a high priority.
    2. Understand the homework expectations of the teacher'(s).
    3. Maintain regular communication with the child's teacher.
    4. Provide an appropriate study environment and set a daily study time.
    5. Support and encourage the efforts of the child.
    6. Regularly check homework for completeness and neatness.
    7. Provide enrichment activities to reinforce the student instructional programs; e.g., visits to museums, participation in community events, reading and discussing news articles.
    Communicate with your child's teacher if your child is having homework problems.   

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