How you can support Literacy at home

  • Parents can make a difference. In today' s schools, too many children struggle with learning to read. The failure to learn how to read leads to a lack of self-confidence and motivation to learn. The La Mesa-Spring Valley School District uses research-based instructional approaches that can help prevent early reading failure. Parental support makes a difference. You are your child's first and most important teacher. Take up the challenge of helping your child become a successful reader. 
    • Monitor the amount of time your child is watching television or playing video games. Neither activity supports literacy.
    • Read to or with your child every day. By listening to good models of fluent reading, your child will learn how a reader's voice can help text make sense.
    • Oral language is the foundation for both reading and writing. Help develop your child's vocabulary with meaningful, family conversation. Children need multiple opportunities to practice listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Your child learns word meanings through conversation with other people, especially adults. The more oral language experiences your child has, the more word meanings he/she will learn.
    • Provide a home environment with educational games, magazines, newspapers, and books.
    • Partner read with your child. Reading aloud with you helps with word recognition and provides feedback.
    Give your child the gift of time and help us build literacy skills so all of our students are readers, writers, and problem solvers.