• P.A.C.E. - Program for Acceleration, Challenge, and Enrichment

    La Mesa – Spring Valley Schools PACE program supports the fundamental belief all students should receive educational experiences that help make the most of their potential.

    PACE Program Objectives:       

    • There is diversity of talents in the academic and the arts.
    • Advanced students demonstrate a range of exemplary talents.
    • There is need for a variety of educational approaches, experiences, activities, strategies, and resources.
    • Strong partnerships between school, family, and the community are essential elements of individual student success.


    The PACE program is available at every school in Grades 3-8 either in a cluster group setting at the elementary school or as a part-time grouping at the middle school. Each program is designed to extend and exceed the standard core curriculum within the regular school day.


    PACE Identification:

    Every second grader in the District is screened for possible initial placement into the PACE program in the third grade. Parent permission is required prior to screening, Teachers, Parents, and counselors my refer students for the PACE program in the spring. Eligibility for participation in the program is based on a minimum score on the OLSAT test and the HOPE rating scale, which is completed by the Parent, and the Teacher.