• Flexible schedule that supports your family's lifestyle
    • Individualized instruction with the pace adjusted to meet your child's learning needs
    • Meets legal requirements for school attendance
    • Public school credit
    • Course of study to follow is provided, necessary textbooks and computer lab for student use
    • Learning objectives aligned with those in the District
    • Credentialed teacher to serve as a resource in all aspects of the child’s education
    • Technology integrated into class activities teaching keyboarding, publishing, graphics, etc.
    • There is no cost—The program is part of the public school system
    • Trimester Progress Reports
    • Opportunities for social interaction


    • Tutoring available with credentialed teacher, both individual and small group
    • Field trips (community meetings) scheduled throughout the year for various interests and grades
    • Newsletters provided regularly to every family
    • Professional school pictures offered at the beginning of the school year
    • Standardized testing in a classroom setting
    • 8th Grade Promotional Exercises
    • 8th Grade cap/gown photos