Wish List

    • Dry Erase Markers
    • Kleenex
    • Acrylic paint
    • Clean hand towels or wash rags for white board
    • Someone to pick up rags weekly and wash/dry them
    • Parent in-class volunteers
    • Fall seeds for the garden
    • Gloves for kids (small and all cotton, please)
    • Garden tools
    • Hand brush and dust pan
    • Brooms for outside
    • Strong bucket with handle
    • Sand toys
    • More legos
    • toys and games
    • ideas that you have seen work elsewhere - I'm always open!

Ways to Help Raise Funds

  • Box Tops
    There is a brightly colored box in the classroom for your Box Tops.

    click here  for more information on the program and to check out the Box Tops web page.
    Plastic/glass/aluminum to recycle
    Please place any cans and CRV plastic containers in the blue trashcan near the classroom door.   I realize that many families recycle on their own, so there is no pressure put on the children to participate.  Just know that the collection container is available if you want to bring CRV bottles and cans.
    Thank you for your help!!