• Accelerated Reader Program

    Our library is fortunate to offer the Accelerated Reader and STAR Reading Program.

    How Does it Work? -  A student selects an Accelerated Reader book from the library list (see list below) or from books labeled with a green AR sticker on the library shelves. They READ the book thoroughly, then sign up in the library or in there Language Arts class for an appointment to take a computerized multiple choice quiz of 10 to 20 questions. Staff member will help if needed. Each book has a specific point value according to its reading level, determined by Renaissance Learning Company's ATOS readability formula.

    Book Lists:

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    STAR Reading Program

    STAR Reading helps determine the reading level of each student, measure individual and class growth, and forecast results on standardized tests. Students can complete the computer-adaptive assessment in less than 10 minutes, and get accurate, reliable, norm-referenced scores immediately!

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