• For Concert Band we want to look professional
    • Black pants or dress, white shirt or blouse, blue bow ties and blue ribbons.
    • Gentlemen need to wear black shoes and socks and a black belt 
    • Bow ties, ribbons and full length black dresses are supplied by the band
    For Marching Band
    Marching is a competition and we are graded on our uniformity.  The band supplies a special marching jacket and cap, but students will need to provide the following: 
    • Navy Blue Khaki uniform style pants (Walmart or Target):  We take these and apply a white stripe.  Jeans or 'skinny' pants are not allowed
    • White shoes (very white, I picked up mine at Walmart for $10)
    • Black socks, Black belt 
    We do have a large selection of uniform pants available and will attempt to fit the students.  But kids come in all sizes and grow, so we never seem to have enough for everyone! 
    Professional  uniforms cost around $150 each.  Our method has cut this to less than half and the money we save allows us to do more activities
    For Color Guard and Drum Line
    We have a standard uniform we provide for parades, but our show routine changes each year and requires a new costume.  Once our team has decided on the "new look", a shopping day is set aside and we generally go together to size and pick out the outfits.  
    Any student who cannot afford their uniform will be  provided for thanks to our Parents Band Brigade