1. Rule #1 is RESPECT
    2. Your name must be on everything
    3. Practice is required
    4. Failure is never an option
    5. Always do your best
    6. Never make a mess
    7. YOU are responsible, never someone else
    8. Always be prepared
    9. You'd better have a pencil
    10. Always help others to be their best
    11. Everyone participates
     We are responsible for cleaning up and supplying our own band room. Part of your citizenship grade will depend on how often you pitch in. Kids who only keep their seat warm will get a G or less. Those who help will get an O for OUTSTANDING.
    • We use the MP3 system:  Musicianship + Practice + Performance + Participation = your grade
    • Two Practice Logs are due each month.
    Part of the instrumental experience is the responsibility and pride that comes from caring for and maintaining a valuable and beautiful musical instrument.
    Rent from a store.  All students are encouraged to rent or buy their own instruments. This can be done easily and relatively inexpensively at any music store. Rent can usually be applied to the purchase of that instrument or towards a better one. Approximate rental costs from a music store start at just $20 per month. 
    Borrow from school.  We have a small inventory of instruments for students to borrow. We will do our best to provide an instrument but the student will be limited to what is available. Any instrument borrowed from the Academy will be free of rent, but students will be responsible for any damages they cause.
    Local music stores include (in alphabetic order) Alan's Music (La Mesa), Garret Band (Lemon Grove),  Knight Music (Spring Valley), McCrea Music (La Mesa) and the Guitar Center at Grossmont Mall
    The visual appearance of a performance ensemble is an important part of a concert.
    Some students will wear uniforms provided through the Academy band program. Parent volunteers are needed to help fit the uniforms to the students and help hem the length of the uniforms prior to the winter concert and spring music festival. Donations towards the purchase of new uniforms are greatly appreciated.
    Concert band students will wear a white dress shirt and  black slacks.
    Marching band students will wear navy slacks that have a white stripe sewn down the legs and a white marching tunic.  Color guard and drum line have costumes provided by the band program.