When you begin your volunteer duties, please follow these guidelines to ensure that the safety of the students is met and that the classroom environment remains a calm, quiet place to learn.

    Check In & Check Out
    Please check in (and out) at the school office each time you come to help. Please use the computer located inside the office to log in and out. Be sure to sign in as a VOLUNTEER when you use the computer. This is to comply with District insurance policies and for the safety of our students. Your volunteer hours (on and off campus) assist us when applying for grants and awards. It also helps us recognize and personally thank volunteers.

    Badges/Name Tags
    Volunteers are issued identification badges so that they can be easily recognized by staff and students. Badges must be worn every time you are on campus. Temporary name tags are also available at the school office. Order your badge by signing the clipboard in the school office.

    Murdock Workroom (located between the school office and media center)
    The Murdock Workroom is available for volunteers to use while working on school projects, conducting meetings, or taking a break. Because of confidentiality and safety/liability issues, Murdock students are not allowed in the workroom.

    Children (non students) On Campus
    For their safety, we require that small children remain with their parent at all times when on campus. If you have small children with you during your volunteer shift, they should sit quietly so as not to disturb student learning. (Toddler care may be available; please inquire at the school office).

    Adult Restrooms
    For safety reasons, adults should never use the students’ restrooms. Adults may use the restrooms located in the Murdock Workroom. If you have a toddler with you, please have them use the children’s restrooms.

    Classroom Etiquette
    Please, do not “visit” with other volunteers in the classroom. While teachers may not be giving direct instruction, distractions can keep students from their work. These rules also apply to the Media Center and School Office. If you have small children with you, they should sit quietly. (Toddler care may be available; please inquire at the School Office).

    Confidentiality and Code of Ethics
    As a volunteer, you may hear sensitive matters. Please keep them confidential. We expect students to dress appropriately and conduct themselves in a proper manner. It goes without saying that the same rules apply to adults. We are in fact, their role models, and we help set the example as students look to all adults for guidance and support. If you are unsure on how to respond to a situation on the playground or classroom, please ask a teacher or staff member.

    Thank You! The volunteer pledge you have undertaken is one of service, helping young people prepare themselves for a better future. By working together, we can ensure the best possible education for each student. Thank you for making a difference.


    The computerized sign in/out system greatly streamlines the process for tabulating hours and having a record of who is on campus. As with all new systems, there are glitches that need to be addressed, including how to log hours that volunteers have completed at home or after school hours. To report any corrections, please email the PTA Historian at historian@murdockpta.org. To report any volunteer work done at home or after school hours, please submit your information to the PTA Historian at historian@murdockpta.org.