Our School-wide character education program builds tomorrow’s citizens today.
    Each Monday (grades 3-6) and Friday (grades 1-2), students report to the Peace Circle on the upper playground at 8:30am.  Kinders will participate in the Friday Peace Circle later in the year.
    At the Peace Circle we begin our day with the PeaceBuilder Pledge and recognize students for their PeaceBuilder behaviors.
    PeaceBuilders is a program designed to help create an environment that reduces violence and establishes a peaceful school and community.
    PeaceBuilders affects the whole school by increasing cooperation, achievement and individual success. 
    The PeaceBuilder Pledge

    I am a PeaceBuilder. I pledge…

    To praise people
    To give up put downs
    To seek wise people 
    To notice and speak up about hurts I have caused 
    To right wrongs
    To help others
    I will build peace at home, at Murdock, and in my community each day.