Spirit assemblies are held in the auditorium on the last Friday of every month:
    • Kinder and 1st Grades:  11:15am
    • 2nd and 3rd Grades: 1:45pm
    • 4th through 6th Grades: 2:15pm
    These assemblies are an opportunity to recognize our students for their successes and effort. We find that these assemblies are very motivational for students, and they promote hard work, strong performance, and Peacebuilding behavior.
    During these assemblies, we recite the Pledge of Allegiance, the Peacebuilders Pledge, and we sing the school song.
    There is a Success Card Drawing and give prizes to students who have their name drawn by their teacher. The teacher puts students’ names in the jar during the month for good performance or behavior in their classroom.
    Next, we give out our “Steps to Success” awards. Our School-wide character education program builds tomorrow’s citizens today. Based on a developmental model and systematically delivered, we teach and reinforce ten character traits. Every month, we focus on one of the traits and recognize students exhibiting that trait at the monthly spirit assembly. These awards focus on a specific skill for the month, and each teacher chooses a few students who have done an exemplary job with that skill for that month. We call the students to come up on the stage, we applaud them, and they receive a certificate.
    We also give out awards for best behavior by a class in the library. Sometimes we hand out additional awards during these assemblies, depending on the time of year.
    We conclude our assemblies by singing Happy Birthday to all students who had a birthday that month, and we hand out an award for best class behavior during the assembly.
    We encourage students to wear their school colors on assembly days.
    Parents and family members are welcome to attend these assemblies. If your child receives an award for that month, you will receive a notice about it prior to the assembly. We encourage parents to partner with us in this event each month by promoting it and by recognizing your child at home when they receive an award. It is only given to a few in each class, so it is quite an accomplishment.
    The monthly spirit assemblies are just one example of the many things we do at Murdock to promote hard work and good behavior. The staff at Murdock is dedicated to providing a well-rounded education, not just an academic education.
    We work hard to ensure that all students receive a bully-free school experience, and that they enjoy their time at elementary school as much as possible.