Students have a right to learn and teachers have a right to teach. We want all children to be safe, happy and successful at school. We have developed a school-wide behavior plan that is firm, fair, and consistent. We believe we are building tomorrow's citizens today. Our goal is an environment where kindness prevails and where children and adults are courteous and respectful to one another.
    code of conduct
    The rules in our CODE OF CONDUCT are phrased as questions to cause children to think carefully about their actions and the way their behavior affects others:
    • Is it safe?
    • Is it courteous?
    • Is it responsible?
    • Would it be fair if everyone did it?
    Children who choose to break the Mustang Code of Conduct will receive consequences that may include a verbal warning, conference with teacher, parent contact, exclusion from activities, detention, referral to principal, in-school suspension, and/or home suspension. Students may be sent directly to the principal for serious infractions such as fighting, throwing objects, biting, and defiance.
    Students who choose to follow the Mustang Code of Conduct are recognized and appreciated for their good behavior. Students may receive praise, awards, positive notes, special privileges, and prizes. Other rewards include:
    MUSTANG SUCCESS CARDS are one form of positive reinforcement used at Murdock. All staff members carry Success Cards to be given to students who demonstrate good behavior. When students receive a Success Card, they write their name on the back and place it in a special container in the classroom. Success Cards may not be bought, sold, or traded. At the end of each month, the Success Cards are brought to the spirit assembly and entered into a drawing for prizes and/or special privileges.
    SUPER SUCCESS CARDS can be earned from the principal when an entire class is to be complimented on excellent citizenship or 100% effort. Every time four Super Success Cards are earned, the class makes it to the next award level. Sixteen cards for the year equals a pizza party with the principal.
    COMPLIMENT CALLS will be made by the principal or counselor to parents any time a staff member believes the child has done an especially good job either academically or with behavior. This could be for continued success, a special effort, or for steady improvement. The staff members completes a Compliment Call card and deposits it in the office. When time is available, the principal will make the phone call home.
    SPIRIT ASSEMBLIES are monthly celebrations for the students and staff of our school. They are opportunities for all students and staff to gather together to affirm who we are and for what we stand. They also provide training for students in appropriate group behavior and basic manners that will transfer into other areas of their lives. Parents are encouraged to attend. The Spirit Assemblies are an important part of the Mustangs Steps for Success Program. Spirit Assemblies may include the following: Pledge of Allegiance, welcome to new students, recognition of birthdays, Success Card drawings, announcements, talent sharing, and presentation of Spirit Awards.
    It is important that parents, school staff, and students work together to maintain a positive atmosphere for learning. The Murdock Behavior Plan has been established for the benefit of students. Students are expected to respect the Code of Conduct as promoting acceptable behavior. Our goal is for each student to learn to be responsible for his or her own actions. All students can move successfully toward outstanding citizenship by following the Code of Conduct and implementing the Steps for Success. If you have any questions, please call the principal or your child's teacher. With your continued support, this school year will be positive and motivating for all students at Murdock school. Let's work together for the benefit of our children.
    • Children make choices about their behavior and must accept responsibility for the consequences.
    • The Code of Conduct will be posted in every classroom and in all common areas around the school.
    • The Code of Conduct will be fairly and consistently taught and applied in every part of the school--classrooms, auditorium, lunch areas, halls, playground, library, etc.
    • All staff members are responsible for enforcing the Code of Conduct and supporting the School Behavior Plan.
    • Discipline efforts should emphasize the positive behaviors of both individuals and groups.