Consider supporting Lemon Avenue by joining the PTA. There are three levels of membership, and we welcome any level of support!
    The first $5.50 from each membership goes to support Council, District, State and National PTA levels.  That money does not stay at Lemon Avenue.  Every penny over $5.50 stays at Lemon Avenue.  Joining at a higher level means more money to support your PTA's programs and activities that directly benefit the Lemon Avenue students.  Your PTA membership is tax deductible!
    You can download a membership application here: Membership Envelope
    Why Join the PTA?
    (Joining PTA does not mean you are in charge of an event. It does not mean that you are volunteering your time. It just means that you care about your child, his/her education and our school.)
    It's Good for Your Children
    • You are your child’s most important role model! Showing your child that you value his/her education will teach him/her to value it as well.
    • Research has shown that when parents are involved in their children’s school, their children get better grades and have less discipline problems.
    It's Good for You
    • You can have your say at PTA meetings! You can suggest ideas and have input on how funds are spent.
    • You will meet other parents and make new friends. It’s not all hard work! It’s social too!
    • You can organize an event – or just help out. You can help out all year – or just one day. It all depends on YOU!
    • And most importantly, you will be in-the-know! You will find out what’s going on at school and get to know teachers and staff better.
    It's Good for the School
    • Lemon Avenue is very dependent upon on our PTA for programs, events and volunteers.
    • PTA funds almost all after school events and many during-school activities. See our Programs and Activities.
    • PTA supplements $100 in school supplies in every classroom.
    For more information on membership, please contact VP Membership, Kim Garcia, at kimgarcia78@gmail.com.
    Our PTA is in the process of setting membership goals for this year. 
Last Modified on August 2, 2018