•  Check it out:  Rolando students, did you know you can view our entire school library catalog from home to see if we have the books you're looking for in our library?   And, you can even place holds on your favorites before coming to the library to check them out? 
    Here's How:
    Click here: Destiny Quest Catalog, and you're in! 
    Remember to write down the author's name or the call number if it is a Dewey Decimal book so you can easily locate it when you visit the library.   For example, Harry Potter would be located in fiction and you would write F Rowl ("F" for fiction, "Rowl" for the first four letters of the author's name, Rowling).  A biography about Rosa Parks would be located in 921 Park ("921" for the biography section, "Park" for Parks.)
    How Do I Log in to My Destiny Quest Account?


    • Every student has a Destiny Quest account already set up. 
    • To log in to Destiny Quest, you'll need your student ID number.  If you don't already know it, please see Mrs. Root. 
    • Once you have your student ID number, go to the Destiny Quest page for our school and click on the "log in" tab at the top of the page.  It will ask you for your user name (student ID number).  Enter that number.
    • The second part of the log in asks for your password, which is your birth date. This is a little tricky:  enter your birth month using no leading zeros  (for example, if you were born in January, you would enter "1" for January, not "01").  For the day of your birth you need two digitsyou will use a leading zero for the day of your birth if the date is a single digit (for example, if the day you were born was the 3rd, you would enter "03").  Use four digits for the year of your birth (for example, "2004").  Do not use any dashes or slashes between the numbers.  Example:  if your birth date is January 3, 2000, you would enter it as: 1032000.

    Now you are logged in to your account, and you can search the catalog, recommend books to friends, place holds on books, and more!

    In "My Quest" there are 3 shelves:  one for books you have read (this is where you can write book reviews), one for books you are currently reading, and one for books you would like to read.
    This information will stay in your My Quest account and you can access it from your home computer, class iPods and iPads, computers, or the library computers.
    Explore the "My Quest" page to find out what else you can do!
    Note:  you can also upload a free app for Destiny Quest from iTunes for your personal iPod Touch, iPad, or iPhone.