• Composer Esa-Pekka Uses an iPad Air

    Posted by Aaron Irwin on 6/6/2014
    The on-screen pianos look small, but how 
    great to be able to compose music digitally 
    on the go! For 5 points extra credit, name one original
    composition by Esa-Pekka
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  • Making Music From Trash

    Posted by Aaron Irwin on 6/2/2013
    How inspiring! The next time you
    think your instrument is garbage,
    watch this!
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  • Extra Credit Opportunity!!!

    Posted by Aaron Irwin on 5/29/2013
    List the names of all 7 music ensembles involved in this
    mass performance and earn up to 3 extra credit points!!!
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  • FREE tickets to the San Diego Symphony.... FREE!!!

    Posted by Aaron Irwin on 4/19/2013

    Hey LPMS music students! Go see the San Diego Symphony Orchestra for FREE with your family AND get extra credit by showing Mr. Irwin your ticket stub or concert program! You have to reserve your tickets online!!! Read more below -

    The San Diego Symphony is performing its last FREE concert of the 2012-13 season on Saturday, April 27 @ 7:30 p.m. in Copley Symphony Hall.  Entitled “Best and Brightest – A Showcase of San Diego’s Young Musicians,” this concert features the winners of our annual “Hot Shots” young artist competition on the first half accompanied by the San Diego Symphony.  On the second half, members from three local youth orchestras will join the professional members of the San Diego Symphony and play alongside them.  This is one of the most inspiring concerts we do all year!  Please note: this concert is most appropriate for middle and high school age students, although all are welcome.


    To reserve seats, please follow this link: 
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  • April is Jazz Appreciation Month!

    Posted by Aaron Irwin on 4/16/2013
    Get out there and listen to some jazz music!!! Born in America, completely original and free, Jazz music is the most pure form of spiritual expression!
    Click on this amazing link to find out more:
    Correctly guess who the Jazz Appreciation Month artist of the year is for extra credit!!!
    JAM poster 2013
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  • It's SOOOO easy to play a trombone with your toe!!!

    Posted by Aaron Irwin on 4/8/2013
    What happens when you have too much time on your hands.... and toes
    -thanks to Mrs. Avallone-Martinez
    (click below)
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  • Dessert Fundraiser Pics!!!

    Posted by Aaron Irwin on 4/1/2013
    More pictures at our Farewell Concert slide show!!!
    Dessert 1  
    Dessert 2  
    Dessert 3  
    Dessert 4  
    Dessert 5  
    Dessert 6  
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