Student Clubs at CDO                                           
    Throughout the year your child will have the opportunity to join various school clubs.  Some of these clubs include:
    Leadership Club Grades 5 and 6 During School Hours (must apply to be a member - limited membership)  FREE
    Sonshine Club - Faith Based After School Club  FREE Grades 1-6
    Garden Club - all grade levels / after school  FREE
    Various Sporting Clubs - Soccer Shots, Tennis, Basketball - all grade levels / after school / fee based / when available
    Folklorico Club - all grade levels, after school club FREE  (Small Fee if Dancing in the Variety Show)
    Lego Club - primary grades, after school club FREE
    STEM Coding Club - Grade TBD, after school club FREE
    Peace Patrol - Grade 2, during the school day, FREE
    Most of these clubs have a limit to the number of children in any one session.  Be looking for flyers that come home, e-mails, and phone messages.