• It is our responsibility at Extended School Services to abide by and enforce school rules during program time (school year and breaks).  Please review the rule on cell phones with your child.
    According to Education Code 48901.5, students may not use cell phones during instructional time.  This includes instructional time in Extended School Services before and after hours care.  This means that students are allowed to have cell phones on campus; however, the cell phones must never be visible or used on school grounds, unless an emergency situation occurs.
    Middle School age children may have designated  times during the day, especially during breaks, to use electronics for music and games.  Children must have a signed electronics permission slip on file with ESS.  Cell phones can be used during these times for music and games only.  No social media or web surfing. 

    If a student violates the above rules, the consequences are as follows:

    1st Violation:     Phone taken away and returned to student at the end of the day.

    2nd Violation:    Phone taken away and returned to parent upon pick-up.

    3rd Violation:    Phone taken away and returned to parent with a meeting scheduled.

    Please speak with your Site Lead, and take note of the ESS site phone number for all communications with your child.  Thank you for your support.