About Concert Band

  • Concert Band

    This is the best of the best!

    The Academy Concert Band is the core of our Instrumental Music Program.  This is a performance based wind and string ensemble of students who have at least two years of instruction or have passed a playing test.

    This band typically gives four concerts a year at school and, perhaps most exciting, goes on study trips to workshops and music festivals at venues like Disneyland or Knott’s Berry Farm.  Most members join the marching band, form jazz and small ensembles and many join local honor bands.

    In the past years we have performed at Disneyland and in 2016 earned the highest rating, Superior, at the Knott’s Berry Farm High Note Festival.

    Because of the rigorous performance, travel and rehearsal schedule it is required that students in this ensemble maintain a C average or better and have no discipline issues.  Nearly all members of this group go onto high school ensembles and recently one of our alumni earned a college music scholarship worth $90,000 towards her college degree!

    Students in lower=level bands have the opportunity to set a goal for excellence (get really good) and may be transferred into the top-level band to fill an opening.  It happens almost every year!