• Water Test Results  

    Update as of March 15, 2017
    We have received lab results for all 21 schools. We are happy to report that unsafe lead levels were not detected. Now that we have lab results confirming the water is safe to drink in all our schools, we are working diligently to turn the drinking fountains back on. 
    Summary of Test Results Received 

           Schools tested:  21  (all schools)
         Test results received:  21  (as of March 15, 2017)
         Actionable levels of lead detected:  0
    The California State Water Resources Control Board considers drinking water containing lead concentrations at or above 15 parts lead per billion parts water (ppb) to be unsafe and in need of corrective action.  The lab test results for all schools are available here.
    Read more about the sample collection process here.
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    You may have seen the recent reports in the news about concerns over the possibility of lead contaminants in drinking fountains used in schools built prior to 1986. The issue began when unsafe lead levels were discovered in the water at an elementary school in San Ysidro last month.
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    Out of an abundance of caution​,​ La Mesa-Spring Valley Schools is providing filtered drinking water for our students in place of existing drinking fountains. We have hired H.M. Pitt labs to test water lead levels at all schools. While we have no reason to believe the water is unsafe, we want conclusive evidence that it is safe. The health and safety of children is our number one priority, so we have opted to use filtered water until we have tested our drinking fountains and sinks and know conclusively that the water is safe for consumption. We are also using filtered water for cooking in our cafeterias.