• Jr. Battle of the Books-
     An annual event for 4th -6th graders who have committed to reading 5 of 10 books off the Jr. Battle of the Books (BoB) list.  These students practice regularly from February to May. The beginning of May is when the District Area(four areas) competitions begin.  At these competitions students are asked specific questions about each of the ten books to challenge what they know.  There are usually 6 rounds: 2-3 rounds of questions, speed round and a puzzle.  The winners of each Area come together for the finals at the end of May. The winner of the finals is awarded a trophy. The middle school (7th & 8th grade) competitions are also held at the final competition.
    Our Fletcher Hills team has won the whole district in 2015-16. Our trophy is on display in our library.
    We are also the Area 1 winners in 2016-17.