• faq


    -How do I sign up for ESS?

    Log on to https://lmsvschools.ce.eleyo.com to create an account. Then you can log in and register.


    -Do I need to re-register?

    You will not need to create a new online account, however you will need to verify your contact info and enroll in each new school year and break season.


    -When is my child able to start?

    Your child can start once we have received and approved your online registration, prepayment of fees, AND once there is an opening at your child's school site.


    -Can I alter my payment due date?

    We are unable to alter payment due dates. Payment due dates are always every other Monday; however, you may pay your bill in advance, at any time.


    -My child needs to attend only three (3) days each week. Will the fees be prorated? Because my work schedule changes, can I send my child every other week or whenever I need services?

    No. Fees are a flat-rate, weekly fee, regardless of how many days/hours your child attends. ESS is not a drop in service.


    -Where can I find out about the full day program on non-school days?

    Click link: Breaks and non-school days


    -How do I drop from the program, change the schedule (am, pm, or both), or put my account on hold?

    ESS requires two week notice to drop from the program, change the schedule, or put a hold on your account. You can do this by logging in to your Eleyo account.


    -I need financial assistance. Can you help me?

    Financial assistance is available to those who qualify through San Diego County programs. In order to apply for these programs, please call (800) 521-0560 or visit their website at www.childcaresandiego.com.


    -What if I pay my fees late?

    A $10.00 late payment fee will apply to fees not paid by the invoice due date. If the account is not paid by the time services are rendered, your child may be excluded from the program until the account has been brought current.


    -What kinds of activities will my child do, what is the adult to child ratio, and what kind of employees do you have?

    ESS offers a broad array of programs and activities designed to reinforce and complement the regular academic program, including music, art, recreation, and performing arts. Our ratios are 1:15 (Kinder) 1:17 (Elementary) 1:20 (Middle School). Our employees are carefully screened and fingerprinted and are hired based on a combination of education and experience that demonstrate a strong understanding and sensitivity to the educational and social needs of school age children. Each site has staff who are CPR and First Aid certified.