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Update on the January 22-23, 2018 Bargaining Sessions

In a continuing effort to promote transparency and open communication, I am pleased to provide this update regarding the recent bargaining session with the La Mesa-Spring Valley Teachers’ Association.

I believe that sharing accurate and timely details about bargaining keeps everyone well-informed and up-to-date; promoting a transparent and open process anchored in good faith.

The bargaining team members are as follows:

Association Team Members
Dennis Blevins
Teresa Horton
Diane Jason
Byron Lindsay
Julie Malone
Grant Nelson
Emily Scheitlin
Shane Strickland

District Team Members
David Feliciano
Meg Jacobson
Guido Magliato
Jon McEvoy
Jon Pearl
Tina Sardina

Teams Discussed Unsuccessful Tentative Agreement and Next Steps 

These were the first bargaining sessions held after Association membership voted not to ratify the tentative agreement (TA).  At the start of the first session, the teams had a helpful and substantive discussion about the TA and possible reasons why membership did not vote to ratify it.

As an exercise, the teams identified obstacles and possible solutions to improve the bargaining process and outcomes going forward. The District team especially advocated for improved communication and transparency at and away from the bargaining table. The teams also discussed compensation and the content of professional development.

Road Map for Negotiation of Complete Package

The teams scheduled future bargaining sessions and developed a roadmap identifying when specific issues will be negotiated.   The teams also agreed to negotiate a complete tentative agreement package rather than presenting piecemeal issues to the Membership/Board for ratification/approval. Compensation remains a high priority for both teams and will be addressed in February.

Progress Made

The teams addressed a number of additional topics including safety, evaluation, and class size for foreign language classes.  There was also an in-depth discussion about PLC and SLD meetings, which will continue at future sessions.

The District described a number of efforts underway to train Health and Safety committee members and all employees and to restock emergency supplies in our classrooms.

The teams agreed to a Memorandum of Understanding to continue the efforts of the Educator Effectiveness and Evaluation (E3) Committee. The teams also came to a tentative agreement on revised contract language regarding class size for foreign language classes.

Next Date

The teams will meet again on January 30, 2018.

Until next time,

Tina Sardina
Assistant Superintendent, HR

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