Classified Bargaining Update

On Tuesday, March 17, the District and CSEA met for a bargaining session via Zoom conference. We met to discuss important issues during these uncertain times and we are pleased with how our teams continue to work together to ensure the very best for our students, staff and community.

The District and CSEA bargained the following:

Impacts and effects of the layoff. The District shared that they have been in the process of reaching out to each and every staff member impacted by the layoff to share additional options, resources, and information about employee rights. We continue to do this, as best as possible, via phone, Zoom technology, or in-person to help employees. An MOU pertaining to the impacts and effects of the layoff was agreed to.

The COVID-19 situation has been unprecedented and our teams continue to work together, supporting one another during these uncertain times. The following will be shared in an email from Tina Sardina on March 18:

Who is required to work during the school closures?
Although our schools are closed, the district will need some staff to report to work, others to work from home, and all employees to be on-call. Because we are required to come to work, work from home, and/or be on-call, in accordance with Government Code 3100 (see below), all staff will continue to receive full pay and benefits during school closures.

Government Code 3100 Title I, Division 4, Chapter 8: Oath or Affirmation of Allegiance for Disaster Services Workers and Public Employees, “all public employees are hereby declared to be disaster service workers subject to such disaster service activities as may be assigned to them by their superiors or by law.”

Will employees be paid during school closures?
All certificated, classified and management staff will remain in paid status while schools are closed as outlined in Governor Newsom’s state of emergency declaration (regardless of the length of school closure).

Who is required to work on-site during the school closures?
At this time, all La Mesa-Spring Valley employees are released to work from home and/or be on-call, with the exception of the following positions or classifications:

Postion/Work Location table

What if an employee is unable or unwilling to work?
If you are unable to report to work, work from home, or be on-call as required, due to health concerns and/or childcare issues as a result of COVID-19, your sick time will not be utilized. We recognize that during a state of emergency there may be individual staff needs, if this situation applies to you, please contact your immediate supervisor.

Should employees take sick leave, vacation leave, or other paid or unpaid leave for any reason during the school closures?
Employees who have an illness that is unrelated to COVID-19 should take sick leave for the period of time they are unable to report to work, work from home, and/or be on-call. If an employee is unable or unwilling to work from home or be on-call due to vacation plans, they should take vacation leave for the applicable period of time. If an employee is on bonding leave, pregnancy leave, or other paid or unpaid leave and is unable to work from home or be on-call, the leave will remain in place as planned.

Until next time,
Ahmad and Tina

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