• 6th Grade
  • On this site you will find information about our 6th grade classes. Please check this site often to find updates related to homework, upcoming events, our daily schedule, and student/parent resources. Thank you for visiting our webpage!
    Mrs. Lori Powell
    Mrs. Amber Lunde
  • Teacher:    Mrs. Amber Lunde
    School:       Fletcher Hills Elementary 
    Grade(s):    6th Language Arts and Science
    Location:    Room 3
    Phone:       (619) 668-5820 ext 1303
    Email:         Amber.Lunde@lmsvschools.org  
  • Teacher:    Mrs. Lori Powell
    School:       Fletcher Hills Elementary 
    Grade(s):    6th Math and Interventions
    Location:    Room 2
    Phone:        (619) 668-5820 ext 1302
    Email:          Lori.Powell@lmsvschools.org