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    Borrowing Books From The Library:

    Murdock students have the opportunity to borrow books from the school library to bring home. We feel that borrowing library books is a valuable experience for children.

    When your child borrows books from the library, it is theirs and your responsibility to take care of the books and that you assume the responsibility for replacement/repair costs for books borrowed by your child in the event they are lost or damaged.


    Guidelines For Parents:

    Remember to keep library books in a safe place. They should be kept out of reach of younger children and pets. Please do not leave your book outside and be careful that lunch boxes or water bottles do not leak onto library books taken home in school backpacks. Books lost or damaged beyond repair must be replaced at the family's expense.

    If a book is accidentally torn, please mark the place and return the book to the library to be repaired. Please do not try to make the repair at home.

    Help your child remember to return borrowed books to the library by the due date. This will give others a chance to enjoy the book also. Library books are on a 1-week check out period and are due on your child's library day. If the child is still reading the book, they still need to bring it with them on their library day.

    Discuss appropriate library behavior. The library is a quiet place. We do not want to disturb others. There will be rewards for appropriate behavior and consequences for inappropriate behavior. These rules will be discussed with your child at the beginning of the school year.

    Library and Learning Resource Technician
    Mrs. Jennifer Irabon
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