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    Welcome to Fletcher Hills Elementary School Library


    LIBRARY/MEDIA CENTER:Hours 8:00am–2:30pm Monday-Friday. Closed on Tuesday Afternoons.

    Mrs. Lorle Roper- Library and Learning Resources Technician 

    Fletcher Hills has a resource and reference library available for your child's use when school is in session. Your child will visit the library once a week and will be allowed to borrow materials. Books will be due the following week. Students who lose or damage books will be billed for the cost of replacing them. Appropriate library behavior is expected of all students. Parents are more than welcome to browse and check out books as well.


    display case


    STUDENT COLLECTIONS: Every week a student's collection is displayed in our locked glass display case. Sign up with Mrs. Roper. Collections have been a variety of things of interest; rocks, shells, stuffed animals, sports items, key chains, stickers. So start collecting now and sign up.

    Email -Mrs. Roper