Our library is fortunate to offer the Accelerated Reader Program.  Fletcher Hills has been using AR since 1989.


    How Does it Work? A student selects an Accelerated Reader book from the library, home, or public library(to see if it is an AR book go to www.arbookfind.com). They READ the book thoroughly, take a computerized multiple choice quiz of 5 to 20 questions(in the classroom or library). Mrs. Roper will help if needed. Each book has a specific point value according to it's reading level. Reading Level is determined by ATOS readability formula by Renaissance Learning Company, developer of Accelerated Reader.   https://www.renlearn.com
    Students may take AR Quizzes in our school library during morning recess or after school (except on Tuesdays). Students are not allowed to take quizzes at home.
    Prizes: As a student earns points they accumulate prizes. See AR Prizes
     Accelerated Reader Program is offered to 2nd -6th grade students.
    Accelerated Reader is probably the most researched product in the K-12 market, and when implemented well consistently shows it helps students of all abilities gain in their reading ability.  The following link summarizes the findings of some of the best studies conducted. AR Key Research and Summary: https://www.renaissance.com/learning-analytics/wkar/

     With Common Core, developing critical readers is a key component to the students success at both the elementary and upper grade levels.  Many of the anchor standards have some degree, but in particular we provide a great tool for monitoring student progress towards anchor standard 10: Read and comprehend complex literary and informational texts independently and proficiently.  
     The following link may provide some talking points or ideas for discussion in how AR can help support Fletcher Hills implementation of Common Core. We use Reading Practice