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    Join our “Part Time PTA Brigade” instead!

    Let’s face it - EVERYONE is BEYOND busy with work, domestic duties, parenting, volunteering, church and more - we all are.  Unfortunately, the PTA can’t run on well wishes and good thoughts alone - we need HELP.

    The GOOD NEWS is that Northmont PTA has developed the “Part Time PTA” this year - specifically for you!  This is a great way to volunteer when you can, doing what interests you!  

    Simply send an email to NorthmontPTA@gmail.com or Volunteer@northmontpta.org and you will be added to our  list of people who are willing to help WHEN they can, but don’t want to commit to chairing a committee or running an entire event.

    When we need an extra pair of hands - we’ll send out an email detailing what we need, when we need it, etc.  If you can help - hit reply and let us know.  If you can’t, simply delete the email.  PRESTO!  

    This is a great way to “tip toe” into the PTA and kind of “try us out” to see if it’s a good fit for you.  It’s also a fantastic way to get to meet new friends, help your child(ren)s school, and show your student(s) that THEY matter.