Curriculum is "what" is taught in our school.
    It is based on the California State Standards for language arts (which includes reading, writing, listening, and speaking), math, science, social science, physical education, and the arts.
    The standards are taught using research-based instructional strategies and are presented to students in large groups, small groups, or on a tutorial basis.
    The La Mesa - Spring Valley School District had adopted specific textbooks and instructional materials used at all elementary schools in our district.
    Instruction is "how" we teach the skills. Teachers use a variety of instructional strategies to motivate and bring children to mastery.
    Students in all grades participate in study trips and assemblies which help reinforce the information they have learned.
    Please contact your child's teacher to learn which study trips they are planning this year. Donations of any amount to help cover the cost of bus transportation and the field trip fees are greatly appreciated.