Birthdays are very special events that children enjoy celebrating with their classmates. To help celebrate birthdays and other special occasions, and at the same time benefit our entire school, we would like to let you know about Murdock’s “Celebrate with Books” program. 

    As a healthy and long-lasting remembrance of your child’s special day, please consider donating a hardcover book to the Murdock Library in your child’s name. A sticker plaque will be placed on the inside cover with your child’s name, special occasion, and date. The book will then be wrapped in gold wrapping baby, with a birthday pencil, and presented to your child by the library during the next library time. Your child will have the first opportunity to be the first student to check the book out of the school library if she or he wishes. It will then be available for general circulation.

    There are two ways to participate:

    1. The first, and easiest, is to select one of the books from the “Celebrate with Books” section in the school library for a $20 donation. These books have already been cataloged and are ready to be checked out immediately. They are also in library bound format.
    2. The second way to participate is to purchase a hardcover book at a retail store of your choice and bring it to the Murdock Library. Our librarian is available to help you select a title or let you know which books are most frequently requested at the school library. It takes approximately one week for the book to be processed and cataloged.

    Please remember that we are only able to catalog hardcover books in our library. If you would like to donate wrapping paper and a ribbon or bow for your child’s book, that would be wonderful!

    With your help, this program will continue to be a favorite Murdock tradition. We look forward to growing the Murdock Library as we celebrate the many birthdays and special occasions throughout your child’s time at Murdock!

    If you have any questions, please contact the Murdock Library and Learning Resource Technician or the PTA chairperson listed on the Celebrate With Books flyer in the E-Folder webpage.