• Sweetwater Springs has a visiting band director, Mr. James Villegas who teaches any 5th or 6th grade student interested in learning to play an instrument.  Band classes are taught every Friday afternoon at Sweetwater Springs. 
    Instrument rental is available at various local locations if you would like your child to participate in the SWS band program.  If you would like to reach Mr. Villegas his classroom is located on the campus of Spring Valley Middle School and their phone number is 619-668-5750 extension 3101.  You can also email Mr. Villegas at James.Villegas@lmsvschools.org.
    The Band Information & Permission Slip can provide you with additional information about the program at SWS.
    About Mr. Villegas: Mr. V, as the students call him,  is a graduate of Pepperdine University with a Masters from University of Western Washington.  He has taught band programs at middle schools in Spring Valley, Vancouver and Bellingham and Music Appreciation classes in Coronado.  He has even played in a band for the British Royals including Lady Di and once for President Reagan.