• Murdock Drop Off / Pick Up Procedures                        


    PARKING  (click here for map--pdf)

    • Middle Parking Lot is staff parking only (6am-3:15pm)

    • Visitor/Volunteer/Parent parking is 1) in the lot near the lunch tables, 2) the back lot by the upper blacktop (any time after 8:40am), and 3) on the lower field

    DROP OFF  (click here for map--pdf)

    • You can drop off your child in the front and the back of the school.

    PICK UP  (click here for map--pdf)

    • Curbside student pick up is in front of the school only

    • If you would like to park and pick up your child, you can wait for your child in 1) the front grass area, 2) the top of the ramp coming up from the lower field, and 3) at the top or bottom of the back ramp that leads to the Avenida Gregory cul-de-sac.

    • If you are planning to park and pick up your child, please do not enter the school site until after the bell rings for dismissal. It is important to not have parents walking around the school before the bell rings. Please help the teachers out by waiting until they have dismissed their students before asking them questions or speaking to them about something. Please understand that it is difficult to keep track of many students when trying to talk with someone that approaches them. They will be happy to talk to parents after they have insured their students have been picked up safely at 3:05pm (1:50pm on Tuesdays).

    • Please discuss your pick up plans with your child so there is no confusion of where they are to go after school.

    Thank you for your understanding during this process. Murdock parents continue to amaze and impress us. Your commitment to your child and to your child’s school makes such a huge difference, and we are very thankful for it!

    It is difficult to solve some of the major problems we face, such as one road in and out of the school site and no sidewalks, but we will not give up on trying to do what we can to improve the situation.

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