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    Dear Parents and Students:

    Welcome to Murdock Elementary School.  Murdock Avenue is a school with a tradition of excellence where children are the most important people. Parents, extended families, staff and community join in partnership and work in harmony to ensure that all children succeed.

    I am thrilled that you have chosen to become a part of the Murdock team.  By taking this step, you have selected a school with a tradition of excellence and high expectations.  Everyone succeeds at this school because we expect the very best, we do our best, and we help others to do their personal best.  Working together as a team, I am confident that we will meet or exceed your highest expectations.


    In order for all of us to do our best, we need to follow some simple rules.  Here are the FOUR SIMPLE RULES FOR SUCCESS:

    1.  Be on time to class and work hard everyday

    2.  Be polite, kind, and safe

    3.  Do not hurt others by the words you say or the things you do

    4.  Act in a way that helps teachers teach and students learn


    Murdock is our school.  We make the difference by doing the following:

    - Emphasis on appropriate behavior through recognition and awards.

    - Student orientation to school rules and regulations.

    - Parental awareness and support for school rules and disciplinary measures.


    We will ask these questions to guide all of our actions:

    - Have I done my personal best?

    - Have I helped someone else to do his or her best?

    - Is Murdock a better school because of my behavior?


    Together we strive for excellence!

    Jennifer Luibel, Principal

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