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    Murdock school opened its doors to students for the first time in February 1972.
    Slated to open in fall 1971, the official opening was delayed due to construction delays, so students and their teachers met in classrooms at Casa de Oro Elementary, Spring Valley Elementary, and Highlands Elementary until the classrooms at 4354 Conrad Drive were ready for them.
    The school was named after the then newly-retired superintendent, Mr. Glenn E. Murdock. Had Mr. Murdock not retired just prior to the school's opening, the school would most likely have been named Conrad Drive Elementary School! Murdock Elementary School is the only school in our district to be named after a person. The other schools are named for the street or geographic area where they are located.
    Learn more about Murdock's early history by reading articles from the October 2011, November 2011, and February 2012 issues of Mustang News. We thank Murdock parent Jennifer Reichstadt for researching the Murdock historian's files and notebooks and the La Mesa Historical Society records in order to write her interesting and picture-filled articles!
    Murdock PTA was chartered in 1971. Since then, PTA has been an integral part of the Murdock school community, providing a forum for parents and families to learn about their child's education and creating a variety of ways for parents to get involved at the school.