Highlands Elementary School is such a special place.  Our teachers light the fire of learning in our children. Memories are being made every day that our children will cherish and remember well into adulthood. PTA works hard to expand and enhance the experiences of a student’s elementary school years. Through the hard work of parent volunteers, the PTA adds the extra layer of sparkle to a school. The more parents and grandparents involved, the more “sparkle” we have. We would love to have you join our PTA. We love hearing new ideas and meeting new people. Don’t be shy! PTA is the place for you! When you support PTA, you are directly taking part in supporting:

    First in Math                                                       Red Ribbon Week                            Fall Festival

    Running Club                                                     Classroom Supplies                         Accelerated Reader

    Assemblies                                                         Jog-a-thon                                          Library Books

    Spring Dance                                                      Movie Night                                       Craft Night

    Field trips



    If your child(ren) enjoy any of the above programs and events - then please consider that these events and programs are made possible ONLY through the donations of time, money, and talent of our Highlands PTA family and friends. 

    If you ever have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!  Feel free to contact any of the board members or you can contact us at our general Highlands PTA email at: ptahighlandshawks@gmail.com