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    Earning 4 Learning:  "Earning 4 Learning" is BACK! This was such a great program last year! By turning in receipts from Parkway Plaza, we earn points and those points turn into CASH! Our school earned $500 last year through this program! You can turn in receipts 3 ways. 1. input the information on the website on your own 2. turn in the receipts into our yellow box hanging by Mrs. Courtney's desk or 3. take a picture of your receipt and send ...it to ptahighlandshawks@gmail.com and PTA will do the rest for you! It's an easy way for our school to earn money! This program starts TODAY!! If you go to Parkway Plaza from now on, save those receipts! Make sure you turn in your receipts the same month as your purchases to maximize points earned. Let's see if we can do even better this year!

    Shoparoo:  We hope you are submitting your receipts through Shoparoo.  Highlands has almost earned $50, just by families submitting receipts through the app!  All you need to do is download the "Shoparoo" app to your smart phone and take pictures of your receipts!  That's it!  While your run your errands, you can help Highlands earn money!  Please take a moment and check it out.  If we all participate, the more Highlands earns! www.shoparoo.com



    If you ever have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!  Feel free to contact any of the board members or you can contact us at our general Highlands PTA email at: ptahighlandshawks@gmail.com