Time: The PTA is a purely volunteer force that has a common goal of creating a wonderful community and learning environment for our students at Highlands.  Our volunteers donate anywhere from a few hours each year to a few hours a day.  There is no minimum requirement for volunteering - we will gladly accept any help that you are able to give, when you are able to give it.  


    Money:  The PTA is a nonprofit organization that relies SOLELY on donations to fund all of our programs and events.  When the PTA holds fundraisers and asks for donations - every single penny raised goes back into the School and directly benefits your student(s).  We will gladly accept any donation, at any time.  We welcome donations from parents, friends, businesses, and community partners -so please ask your entire circle of friends and family to consider making a donation to the PTA in your child’s honor.

    Talent: The PTA is only as diverse as our volunteers - so we are always welcoming new talent into our volunteer army. You name it - we need it: arts, sports, construction, book keeping, public relations, graphic design, website design, social media, general office skills,sales, procurement, writing, photography, crafting, editing, etc.  I guarantee that you have a talent that we need to help our children.

    We invite you to scroll through the PTA pages and find a way to volunteer or donate that sparks your interest.  We CAN do this - but not without YOUR HELP.


    If you ever have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!  Feel free to contact any of the board members or you can contact us at our general Highlands PTA email at: ptahighlandshawks@gmail.com