• La Mesa-Spring Valley School District is a high-performing school district located in the East County of San Diego. The District is committed to high student performance embedded in a culture of quality and continuous improvement. We embrace diversity. Collaboration is valued among all stakeholder groups and the interest-based process is used as the core for problem solving. The District covers 26 square miles and serves 12,587 students (not including preschool) housed in 17 elementary (K-6) and four middle schools (7-8). Certificated and classified employees number 2,094.
    Our Purpose

    To inspire learning and respect

    Our Vision

    La Mesa-Spring Valley School District is a community of life-long learners who engage in continuous improvement and contribute positively to a global society, within a safe learning environment.

    Our Principles
    In order to achieve work purposefully and realize our vision we must:
    • Make decisions based upon the best interest of all children
    • Honor individuality and diversity
    • Act with integrity
    • Partner with the community
    • Strive for excellence
    • Establish, measure & hold ourselves accountable to appropriate goals
    • Communicate effectively
    • Develop well-rounded learners
    • Explore a sense of possibility
    • Use resources wisely

    Fast Facts About the District
    Communities Served The city of La Mesa, a portion of the city of El Cajon, and the unincorporated communities of Mt. Helix, Casa de Oro, and Spring Valley within San Diego County
    Number of Schools 17 Elementary
    4 Middle Schools
    Enrollment 12,268
    K–6:  9,616—78%
    7–8:  2,652—22%
    Ethnicity Minority:  62%
    White:  33%
    Hispanic:  45%
    African American :  11%
    Asian/Pacific Islander:  6%
    American Indian/Alaskan Native:  <1%
    Multi or No Response:  5%
    Number of Employees Certificated: 652
    Classified: 897 (including hourly employees)
    Managers: 36
    Annual Budget $100 million
    Average Class Size K–3:  30.5
    4–6:   31.7
    7–8:   26.1