• Library Use:
    Accidents can happen and most of us adults have had to pay a library fine or two.  Students are responsible for the materials (textbooks and library materials) that are checked out in their name.  To that end, if materials are lost or damaged while in a student's care, they will be fined the cost of replacing those materials.  There are no fines for late materials, however, a student will not be allowed to check out new materials until fines are paid or materials are returned.
    Technology Use:
    • All Northmont Knights are expected to sign and follow our Technology Use Agreement.
    • To learn more about appropriate use of technology, teachers can lead their classes through the EDPuzzle video linked below.
    • Teachers: Please join the EDPuzzle class as a student and watch the video with your class. You can log in/create an account with your school Google Account/email:
    edpuzzle link
    • You can also view the video in Guest Mode on EDPuzzle, but your class' responses will not be saved: