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    I have most recently been serving as the director of special education for La Mesa-Spring Valley Schools, and prior, was the principal of Rancho Elementary in LMSV and vice principal at Spring Valley Middle. Prior to these administration assignments, I taught for many years, which included special education, 7th grade math (in Spanish and English) and 4th, 5th and 6th grade in general education. I have my supplementary math credential and do have a strong liking for math. Science is just pure fun. Science in our class will be experimentally based with the Nest Generation Science Standards at center stage. Fourth grade is my favorite grade (sorry other grades). I am pleased to be at LMAAC, since two of my own children attended this school. The best form of communication will be my email address on this webpage. Feel free to reach out whenever you'd like and I will do the same.

    MATERIALS NEEDED (pictures serve as examples, not exact item)

    1. Pencils

    2. Personal pencial sharpener that is enclosed to catch the shavings

    3. Red folder with a pocket on each side (these are the thin paper folders)

    Red Folder

    4. A 10 or 12 colored pencil set, NOT the flourescent kind

    Colored Pencils

    5. Two composition books (100 pages)

    Composition Book

    6. Since we do not have a sink, nor water, in our classroom, students should bring their own water in a non-spillable water bottle

    7. A set of earbuds to use with iPad

  • Andrew Smith

  • Teacher:  Mr. Andrew Smith
    School:  La Mesa Arts Academy
    Grade: 4th
    Location: Room 39
    Phone (619) 668-5730, ext. 2139